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Safety On The Hard Water
Safety On The Hard Water
By Adam Walton
Posted December 1, 2015
As ice takes hold on waters to the north, anglers are venturing onto the hard water. Although many anglers look forward to this season, some forget about the inherent danger associated with it. Unfortunately, every year numerous anglers fall through the ice and all too often, some tragically parish. Before heading out, knowing a few simple precautions and understanding basic survival skills may make the difference between life and death. FIGURE 1 - Tread water & control breathing Let's first discuss the effects of cold water shock to the human body. When a person first falls thro...
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Panoramic Panfish
Panoramic Panfish
By Jason Mitchell
Posted November 15, 2015
There can be some surprisingly solid fishing for panfish on lakes and reservoirs that might lack the classic weed growth. From an ice angling perspective, good weeds in the wintertime often correlates with good water visibility. Poor water visibility, turbidity or exposure to strong winds might cr... read more
Northern Pike on Walleye Gear
Northern Pike on Walleye Gear
By Bob Jensen
Posted November 7, 2015
It happened again recently. We had a great plan for catching fish and the fish just didn't get with the program that we were presenting. We changed our program completely and caught'em: Caught'em good. Here are the details. We were on Lake Winnibigoshish in north central Minnesota. My fishi... read more
Night Shift Walleye
Night Shift Walleye
By Jason Mitchell
Posted November 1, 2015
Not all bodies of water offer solid after dark fishing opportunities for walleye but there are so many notable fisheries where we have traditionally caught the majority of fish or sometimes the largest fish long after the witching hour when the sun sinks into the horizon. On many bodies of water, t... read more
Kamikaze Bronzebacks
Kamikaze Bronzebacks
By Ted Peck
Posted October 27, 2015
Wisconsin provides a cornucopia of outdoor options in fall. These delightful distractions caused most folks to miss a silent kamikaze attack on Wisconsin's boundary waters with Michigan, Minnesota and Illinois which started around Columbus Day. It will continue for 10 days-maybe two weeks-- depen... read more
Kayaking Hotspots for Wisconsin's Fall Smallies
Kayaking Hotspots for Wisconsin's Fall Smallies
By Bill Schultz
Posted October 13, 2015
Many of our fishing friends turn to hunting in the fall, but don't put that kayak away just yet. There are some great spots in Wisconsin to chase smallies throughout the fall. Let me give you some suggestions. Then I'll give you some kayak equipment tips, along with a great presentation that will... read more
Walleyes In Formation
Walleyes In Formation
By Jason Mitchell
Posted September 29, 2015
The advantage of trolling crankbaits for walleye is twofold. You can cover a lot of water and swipe through large areas and you can also trigger fish that might not respond to some slower and subtler presentations. On so many bodies of water, we see a transition that gains intensity as fall transc... read more
Fish The Weedline In The Fall
Fish The Weedline In The Fall
By Bob Jensen
Posted September 23, 2015
The weedline is a great place to find and catch fish all during the open water fishing season. Lots of anglers even work the weedline while ice-fishing. Simply put, there is almost always a fish somewhere along the weedline that is willing to get caught. In the autumn months a variety of fish... read more

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December 1, 2015
Wind can be an ice angler's worst adversary, a negative, antagonistic liability--or, as the ice fishing experts at HT have found, championed as a great ally-a productive, beneficial asset! The ... Read more...
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Black Crappie caught by chad steve
Black Crappie caught by chad steve

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