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Aim For The O2
Aim For The O2
By Mitch Eagan
Posted February 9, 2016
Imagine your home growing darker by the day, to the point you haven't seen sunlight in over a month. Moreover, your surroundings are growing colder by the day. In fact, it's so frigid that your muscles have become rigid; to the point it's all you can do to muster moving few feet…even to eat. And you're hungry. Oxygen is diminishing, too. Some areas are completely void of oxygen, while other pockets have just enough to sustain life. Thus, you migrate to where respiration is still an option. To say life's registering a zero on the fun-o-meter is an understatement. And with that lowly...
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The Winter Perch Search!
The Winter Perch Search!
By Mike Frisch
Posted January 30, 2016
One of my favorite winter fish species to chase is yellow perch. These fish grow big and feisty in some waters and are very tasty table fare too. Here is a look at some tips to put jumbos on the ice and in the frying pan this winter. The first step in finding winter perch is choosing the rig... read more
Change In Latitude Changes Attitude
Change In Latitude Changes Attitude
By Ted Peck
Posted January 26, 2016
Jimmy Buffet's classic song "Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes" kept running through my mind as I watched a food plot from a vantage point in a tripod stand about 140 yards away. The sun had just set in the frigid upper Midwest.The only activity on this food plot was a lone doe, which wa... read more
A Case to stay in Place
A Case to stay in Place
By Dennis Foster
Posted January 23, 2016
This overlooked strategy can pay big dividends as one of your best options for icing the biggest fish of the year. Before the run and gun crowd starts sneering and guffawing, hit the kill button on your augers long enough so you can hear for a moment and open your mind to the possibilities. Scra... read more
A Guide's Perspective on Ice Fishing Electronics
A Guide's Perspective on Ice Fishing Electronics
By Maynard Lee
Posted January 19, 2016
The frozen surfaces of lakes, rivers and reservoirs across the ice belt represent the final frontier in angling. Ice thicknesses that are often measured in feet, air temperatures that hover near zero, and frigid winds that often carry frozen precipitation all represent physical, and even psychologic... read more
Keep Comfortable On The Ice
Keep Comfortable On The Ice
By Bob Jensen
Posted January 11, 2016
Back in the day, some people didn't go ice-fishing because they didn't like to be cold. While that may have been a valid excuse then, now there is no need to avoid ice-fishing due to the cold. We have all sorts of clothing and equipment that will enable us to stay comfortable on the ice. It i... read more
Put a Little Spring in Your Bobber
Put a Little Spring in Your Bobber
By Jerry Carlson
Posted January 5, 2016
It happens to me several times every winter. Someone that has not experienced the pleasures of modern ice fishing techniques asks me to take them panfish fishing. I gladly oblige. Each time out, there is quite a learning curve that must be gone through. The concept of seeing your bait on the Ve... read more
Passing on a Passion
Passing on a Passion
By Dave Duwe
Posted December 27, 2015
One man's hobby has turned into a passion to teach children. Al Hutchison, has been teaching kids the art of rod building for the past nine years. Over the course of that time, he has literally taught hundreds of children and some of their parents how to construct their own custom made fishing rod... read more

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February 1, 2016
HT ENTERPRISES, INC., the industry leader in modern, progressive ice tackle design and manufacturer of the original Polar Tip-Up, is pleased to introduce the new "Lift and Hook" rod holder. Ice angle... Read more...
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Channel Catfish caught by Matias  Renteria
Channel Catfish caught by Matias Renteria

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